Mona Gable Composer | Producer | Writer | Photographer

It all started when Mona picked up her first plastic, dime-store toy guitar at three years old. Eventually, when her poor parents could no longer stand the nagging, they bought her a black sunburst Stella Harmony and sent her off to take lessons at the Palomba Academy of Music in the Bronx.

Her life became lessons, paying dues, clubs, more dues, bands, and encounters with many unsavory music biz characters. Mona’s music has been licensed and heard worldwide via tv, film, video games, trailers, and advertising. She was on the Grammy ballot for the first-ever video game music compilation album and video—she didn’t get that win or nom—but it’s an honor just to be (well, you know). Throughout her career, she has become friends with, and produced some famous and quasi-famous folks, including a Real Housewife. No, really. Mona is a member of ASCAP and has been a proud Voting Member of the Recording Academy for more than a dozen years.

You can buy and stream Mona’s music on Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube Music, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Deezer, and others: Mona Gable Music on Google

Mona is a lover of language and a writer of words. The ability to write has helped get her out of many precarious and sticky situations in life. Also, after musician, it was the most lucrative career she could have hoped to set her sights on. The first time she was published was in seventh grade when she won the New York City English Achievement Award; her prize was having two poems published in The Fordham University Literary Review. Mona’s parents were quite proud that she had been published and hoped she would now give up that “stupid music thing.” They insisted she had “writer’s blood” because of her penchant for telling very tall tales and because of several famous authors in her lineage.

She continues to write for many print and online publications, including several pubs on Medium

Mona is also a professional photographer. Her favorite thing in the world is traveling around the country with her wife, camera in hand, photographing historical and unusual places, people, animals, and strange objects. Her work has been featured in the “Out in LA” art exhibition at Hollywood’s NoHo Gallery LA, the “James Brown’s Visual Soul” exhibition at The Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History in Augusta, Georgia, many local SoCal exhibits, and online. In addition, her photography has continued to sell and be licensed worldwide.

Through her media company, Slice A Pie Productions, Mona has written—and produced—several TV pilots, including “Video Game Chronicles” and “The Enlightened Kitchen.”


The Deluge of Marriage

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Blowin in the Wind





Ashes To Ashes

Snowy Day On A Pond


A Lure

Composer of Music & Writer of Words