Mona Gable
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Mona Gable is a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer.

Her music has been licensed and heard worldwide via tv, film, video games, trailers, and advertising. She has produced some famous and quasi-famous folks, including a Real Housewife. No, seriously.

Mona is a member of ASCAP and has been a proud Voting Member of the Recording Academy for more than 15 years.

She was on the Grammy ballot for the first-ever video game music compilation album and short-form video.
“Video Game Composers Volume One,” was listed in the “Best Score to Picture” category, a full 13 years before there was a specific category for game music.

Mona’s latest endeavor is working on a new instrumental guitar album, due out in the fall of 2023.

The first single, “When it Still Hurts” is due out in May.

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Mona S Gable
Mona S Gable

is a poet, humorist, essayist, and freelance writer. She is a top writer on Medium as well as an editor for several publications.

Mona (aka Mona S Gable in the literary world) has always loved language. She has been an avid reader since childhood, when her mother used to constantly confiscate her under-the-covers flashlight and yell at her, “go to sleep already!”

She found that her early aptitude for writing was indispensable in getting her out of many sticky situations throughout her childhood, and for that, she is forever indebted!

Primarily known for poetry and humor, Mona also pens memoir, essays, writing advice, and DIY pieces.

Her poetry has been published in several literary journals, the most recent being Better Than Starbucksfeaturing her poem “The Red Rose,” a remembering of her late parents.

You can purchase the Premium hard copy of “Better Than Starbucks” Volume VII Number III on Barnes and Noble or Amazon

Mona continues to write for many print and online outlets and is very active as both a writer and an editor of several publications on Medium

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Mona is also a professional photographer, who has been featured in the “Out in LA” art exhibition at Hollywood’s famed NoHo Gallery LA, and the “James Brown’s Visual Soul” exhibition at The Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History in Augusta, Georgia.

She has also been included in many local Southern California exhibits, and online events. Her work continues to sell and be licensed.

Mona has also written and produced several TV pilots, including “Video Game Chronicles” and “The Enlightened Kitchen” through her media company Slice A Pie Productions.


Composer of Music & Writer of Words