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Golfo Dulce

A poem lovingly dedicated to my dear friend Dr. F Lynn Carpenter

“Of the Peaceful Earth” By Mona S Gable

Nestled newborns lie shyly, poking their heads through the warm soil
As the gringa who birthed them inspects their vigor
She wants them to join the other six thousand of her babies, already to her thigh,
Rise up
Build a forest among the ruins

The blistered, muddied hands groping a walking stick, slip-sliding
Trudging the shrouded, misty mountains of Golfo Dulce, waltzing up the Cortez Amarillo
Scatting away wild parakeets as they beat their sturdy wings in front of her eyes
Look down
Build a forest among the ruins

Hawks once soared over La Tierra Triste, a raped and devoured land
Ugliness. Massacred and poisoned, scorched and flooded
Her tired and worn heart, broken by barren land and empty bellies
In need
Build a forest among the ruins

Hawaiian Honeycreepers 5,000 miles away must await her gentle return
As she initiates into this congregation of wildness
Her earthly possessions, now a lingering vigil over Coto Brus, draining resources
For more heavenly pursuits, cattle pastures, coffee fields, the promise of renewal
Rise up
Build a forest among the ruins

Now beauty exists where there once was none
A legacy of love and conscience, a generosity of human spirit to behold
Others, hands in pocket, clucked their tongues as she stood in exhaustion, fulfilled
Overlooking a paradise created while she was slowly dying
Build a forest among the ruins

Vanished from the mortal realm, a world surpassing the one she had found
Her essence diffuses upon the trees, hawks, Honeycreepers, and misty mountains
A God that so fiercely held her faith joins the overwatch of Golfo Dulce
At His side, pleased with the panoramic landscape and hazy thoughts of worldly things
She lived and built a forest among the ruins

©2022 Mona S Gable All rights reserved

A Certain Shadow

“I Now Pronounce You” By Mona Gable

A certain shadow
Is feeding off the paint on a stark white wall
And breathing a slow and steady death
Night after night

A certain shadow
Is not black, but grey
Like dirty milk and sour spirit

A certain shadow
Is a quiet cancer
Breeding in a shriveled and willing soul

I damn the moonlight
And curse these walls

Desire is not need
Need is not love
Love is not faith

I want you out of my bed

©2022 Mona S Gable All rights reserved

The Glass Heart

“Empty Girl” By Mona Gable

The girl made of glass walks down your street
Confounded and hollow, relentless and hopeful
She is invisible to you
Appraising eyes for a spark
As you glare past her
With vision obscured
And longing distorted

The girl made of glass walks down your street
With each new step, more arteries form
Spider web cracks along the pavement
Up through roots, splintering her glass heart
One by one, shards fall and freeze in place
Like diamonds falling at your feet
A prismatic rainbow of tears

The girl made of glass, cureless, destroyed
Never seen inside, only through
The last glint, demolition
Pouring into sharpened waves on the tarmac
Never to reach out, never to touch you
The diaphanous hand shattered
Turning to powder, trickling the hourglass
The sand that fills your summers

©2022 Mona S Gable All rights reserved