“Spring in Carlsbad” By Mona S Gable

The garden of life, boundless possibilities
Chance, combinations
Light, dark, the spectrum of a rainbow
Birth, death, the perils of survival
Things we waste, trample underfoot
Unencouraged, unnurtured
The surety of what was, as is no longer
A bright opening, wanting flower
Bending toward the sun, bathing in light
Thirsty for rain, quaffing until soothed

Along the way, seeking light
There, you stand
Sheer beauty,
Encouraged and nurtured
The surety of what is to come, excitement of the unknown
The flower, opening-up
Petal by petal
Each day
More magnificent than the former

I gently reach out to feel the smooth delicacy
The petals fall to my open palm
Like your soft hair falling across your naked shoulders, spilling onto mine
Your scent fills the garden
Like a warm desert breeze, embracing the air
It fills the senses,
A dizzying splendor
Your lips so gently upon mine, endless dewdrops
Melted winter snowflakes falling on my tongue
Sweet lavender, freesia, peonies

My heart is sure you are my garden
To survive, grow, be nourished, fostered
The sun will always rise for you, the rain will always come
Detractors, like weeds, be banished
Grow, grow
As tall as mountains and as enduring as nature itself
Grow with me, beside me, through me, into me
When our time becomes short, and colors begin to fade
Stems will bend
Petals fall and dry

I will remember it all
The garden of my life
I will press you between the linen of my book
My every sense
My heart
My soul

©2022 Mona S Gable All rights reserved

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