The Averted Crash

Photo by Paolo Nicolello on Unsplash

The ground below looked like a shattered pane
Hairline fissures, each birthing another
Permeating across a delicate, crystalline terrain
A roadmap of civilization
Incidents of action
Follies of nature
Combining into geometric patterns
Both formal and formless

A low hum, barely on the threshold of perception
Is the only sound in the universe
Here, I belong to all of it
Here, I belong to none of it
I am alone
I am connected
I have everything
I have nothing

I am an eagle soaring toward my demise
A cell in the bloodstream, a germ of the civilized
The engine is now silent, and I’m stalling for
No, stalling in time
Time bends
Zero Gravity

I am a ravaged maple leaf, writhing in a pendulous motion
Fearlessly giving the last of its life to a New York City autumn
Awash in numbness
And unforeseen calm
I dream of Amelia
above the majesty of mere mass
As my body drifts into your arms
I am called home at last

© 2022 Mona S Gable All rights reserved

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